Mr. Nachron's List
by Mike Corbett

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A diminutive genius meets a quixotic charmer and convinces him that a little cooperation in collecting some special items will help him rediscover love and his enthusiasm for life. Ron Maddock commits himself to a high stakes scavenger hunt that carries him through the boundaries of time and reality.

Historically accurate settings are trivially tweaked in order to briefly expose him to the pleasures and perils of the past. Romance and adventure are his equally demanding masters as he struggles to cope with challenges that neither modern science nor spirituality can explain.

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“Nostalgia drives our lives, as we search for meaning in an existence that is all too brief. Mike Corbett's novel Mr. Nachron's List spins a tale of southeastern Florida and a struggling individual named Ron Maddock, who tries to put together the pieces of his life. Yet he feels as though something is missing, even when everything appears to be going his way. Mr. Nachron's List is a thoughtful read of life that will entertain and leave the reader asking questions.”

The Midwest Book Review         

“Mr. Nachron's List is a wonderful, entertaining book that once started is hard to put down. The main character, Mr. Nachron, is an eccentric south Florida resident with a list of items he would clearly like to own. Ron Maddock, an entertaining soul with a challenging past, is the man who can make that happen. Using the concept of time travel, Ron gets to experience several fascinating points in history while attempting to retrieve these items for Mr. Nachron. Does he succeed in retrieving the items for Mr. Nachron? I invite you to read this terrific, entertaining and enlightening book and find out. Mike Corbett, in the style of Ernest Hemingway and Dashiell Hammett, has created a superb book that everyone should want to read.”

Don Oravec, Executive Director of The Writers’ Trust of Canada         

“Mr. Nachron's List is fresh, thought-provoking, engaging and as original as hell (and other singularities). Remember your innocent seduction by your first love? That's exactly what Mike Corbett does to the reader. He seduces us into entering a preposterous realm where Ron, a South Florida beachcomber lounge lizard good old boy with a heart of gold, embarks on a series of remarkable journeys under the direction of a mysterious gentleman with a Faustian knowledge of life and history. This one-day page-turner click-off-the-television read will probably teach you something and certainly make you feel good.”

Donald MacAdam         

“Such beautiful prose to wrap time into one big moment. As in Laughter of the Damned, Mr. Corbett makes the reading a real yet delightfully surreal experience. More please.”

Sandra Welsh         

“This treasure of a story is adventurous, quirky and strange. A good book can take you places and this one quite literally takes you to places you have not been before side by side with Corbett's fictional hero. Mr. Corbett has such a vivid imagination and reading this will make yours come alive. It's a story about daring, taking chances, living on the edge. It's a colorful tale with a whimsical side, a bit of history, romance, daring on the high seas -it's madcap globetrotting, it's a mystery and a story of a modern day swashbuckler!! It's a must read for anyone looking for some adventure!”

Maureen Buckley         

“Mr. Corbett develops a vehicle in which fantasy and history take us on a fantastic and exciting joy ride. His masterful prose has kept the colors, sounds and smells of this virtual experience to stay with me weeks after first reading his book. This book is strongly recommended for the geeks, romantics, history lovers or just the casual beach or airplane readers out there.”

Tim Singer         

“Love South Florida! I can't decide if Mr. Corbett is another Mark Twain, or Carl Hiaasen! I predict great things from the author over time. This particular book is the perfect summer read.”

Mike Mangold         

“Mike Corbett's vivid imagination, acute observation, and entertaining prose provide a wonderful, escapist read demanding, upon conclusion, thoughtful introspection and careful reflection upon common life experiences we all share. I encourage all to read -- and to enjoy!!”

Bill Riles         

“Mike’s imagination and gift for prose are very unique and wondrous. Without a clue how this reading experience would end for me, I turned the last page and the final paragraph still has me trying to clear the tears from my eyes. So beautiful, so brief and so hopeful.”

Tom Wheeler         

“Mr. Nachron's List is adventurous, seductive, and humorous with likeable characters. I enjoyed each new journey and look forward to the author's next book!”

Diane Mathews         

“As I read Mr. Nachron's List, I wrapped myself in the sensual encounters Ron Maddock experienced with the woman in his current life and those he meets through time. I felt this desire of wishing I could go back twenty years ago or several centuries. It made me think of my own life & my past. Mr. Nachron's List will take you on a seductive journey through time.”

Rebeca Galiano         

“I don't get a chance to read much lately but I knew when I started Mr. Nachron's List that I would not be able to put it down until I had finished reading it. As Ron traveled from one adventure to another, I felt that I was his traveling companion. Mike Corbett's imagination and attention to detail are second to none. I'm anxiously awaiting the movie!”

Elayne Feinstein         

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Laughter of the Damned
by Mike Corbett

Paperback   $11.95 
eBook           $4.95 



Although nominally about perceptions of heaven and hell, this book is a buffet of fiendishly delicious surprises. It simultaneously stimulates the intellect, the imagination, the libido and the inherent appetite for original thought. It is seductively well-written and you can almost see the ghosts of Mark Twain and Evelyn Waugh nodding with approval. Although provocative, the subject matter is merely the canvas for the writer's irreverent and imaginative visions, and his wit sneaks in at surprising moments.

A few of readers’ favorite words from Laughter of the Damned:

“Fate is seldom thwarted by design, and intent transforms only the most superficial elements of our existence.”

“Popularity is a feeble criterion for truth.”

“Heaven is an item from the cave of the thief of dreams.”

“Faith is the belief that things can be even better than you can imagine them.”

“That barking you hear outside might not be your golden retriever; it might be the neighbors making love.”

“Have no doubts that there is wine in Heaven, or the French would all want to go somewhere else, and a Heaven without French influence would be unendurable.”

”There is a sort of mental treason
That smothers dreams outside of reason.”


“It is very creative and quite an addictive read.”

David Eagleman, Author of SUM: Forty Tales from the Afterlives         

“Very entertaining and very interesting. This would be a great book for a readers group. We really won’t know where we are going when we die, until we actually arrive. Reading “Laughter of the Damned” by Mike Corbett will definitely make you think about it.”

Reader Views

What readers are saying...

“I laughed out loud, called friends and read them phrases from the book and recited the dialogue between Satan and the demon. Your insights are irreverent, hilarious and sometimes too true to be laughed about. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to read the book…I will be ordering copies to send to MY irreverent friends.”

“The book was excellent – it is original, unique, clever, extremely interesting, and unpredictable. It is like nothing I have ever read. Another thing I loved is that Mike just sort of plants the seed and gives you so much to think about.… I have to read it again!

“Your latest “Laughter of the Damned” is an insightful and jocular romp. Wonderful reading! Looking forward to your next endeavor.”

“A delectable buffet of wondering …I finished wishing the book hadn’t ended!”

“Mike’s dexterity with language is evident, his use of irony timely…I like his humor on the whole. His vignettes exemplify a keen and wide-ranging understanding. Well done!”

“I loved every line of it and have read it twice!! I go to my favorite “bits” as it does make me chuckle out loud. It is the smartest, wittiest book I have read in a long time. It was and continues to bring me joy as I skip from page to page. I am ready to share it with others now and let them experience it for themselves. Thanks for such a wonderful gift you have given to me and all the others that are lucky enough to share the inside of that incredible mind and heart of Mike Corbett. He is a naughty genius.”

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Backgammon Problems
by Mike Corbett

$20.00 + $5.95 s&h
$20.00 + $10.95 s&h


This book does something that few serious studies of any game have attempted. It entertains! The union of fun and knowledge, who could ask for more? It presently enjoys popularity among the game’s most talented players.


Mike’s book is not only articulate and fun to read, it is full of thought-provoking examples of problems that are accessible to many levels of player. It demonstrates Snowie’s usefulness, while simultaneously pointing out its shortcomings. I highly recommend it.

Paul Magriel

Kudos to Mike Corbett. This is one of the best problem books I’ve seen. Creative, playful and very smart, Mike shows us how to think outside the box while using Snowie as the assistance tool (and not final judge and jury) that it was created for. A+!

Mike Senkiewicz

Mike Corbett displays creativity, imagination, and craftsmanship in his erudite elucidation of key tactical concepts of play. His problems and solutions are fresh, provocative and informative.

Perry Gartner

The backgammon is top notch, but is surpassed by Mike’s wry wit and ability to entertain the reader while making his points.

Kent Goulding

An entertaining book by one of Backgammon’s Giants.

Kit Woolsey

An outstanding book! Lots of great problems on the backgammon frontier well analyzed.

Bill Robertie

There’s a lot of good advice in this book. I think virtually everyone will learn something from it. I know I did and was able to apply some of this knowledge in a recent tournament match. I would not have made the play if I hadn’t read Mike’s book.

John O’Hagan

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About Mike Corbett

     Mike Corbett’s formal education and graduate degree may not have prepared him for life as a writer, but the hours of supplementary experience in nightclubs from Fort Lauderdale to Prague have helped him find his voice. The transformation of bits of reality into entertaining sequences of words is all the challenge a person who has lived his life like a pinball needs. He justified decades of travel by competing successfully in backgammon, scrabble and poker tournaments. Insight is born in the company of stimulating people in extraordinary situations, and varying the range of stimuli as much as is safely possible has served him well. Corbett is fascinated by the wavering border between reality and fantasy, and he accompanies his observations with a suitably inappropriate sense of humor.

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